Wednesday, February 21

Day: February 1, 2024


What is Dyslexia? What Are Its Symptoms, Traits, and Ways to Fix It?

Some people are smart but have trouble reading written words because they have dyslexia, a type of learning disability. Two to five percent of the population has this problem, and about half of all kids who are labeled as learning disabled have it. We still don't know what causes dyslexia. At this point, there is no known fix, and the disease lasts into adulthood. Parents are lucky that there is a lot of help and support out there. Based on studies and what dyslexia is like, Special Ed Resource offers online dyslexia tutoring. Signs That Someone Has Dyslexia There are different kinds of learning problems. When giving help for dyslexia, it's important to be clear about the difference between it and other learning challenges. Many new ways of retraining have been developed by researcher...