Thursday, May 16

5 Things You Should Do for Effective JEE preparation ONLINE

Online learning simulates traditional methods of learning, by taking advantage of technology. You can utilize online learning for your JEE classes in Thane. Here is what to do to help you study effectively online:

Set Daily Goals

To beat procrastination, set daily goals of what you’ll study. Make sure to set a clear and specific goal when it comes to JEE preparation ONLINE.  For instance, you can focus on completing one module and one assignment in a day.

Your study plan should be integrated with other responsibilities that you have in your life. It should also work well with your regular schedule.

Have a dedicated study space

It will be easier for you to study if you have a specific place to study from. It might not be very comfortable for you to study from your bed or sofa, so find another conducive place to use. Ideally, this place should not have any distractions. Having a clear and distinct place to study from will make a great difference in your studies.

Avoid Multitasking

When studying, focus on doing one thing at a time. Avoid multitasking, whereby you are studying while at the same time pursuing other activities. This will make you less productive.

Focusing on one task at a time during your JEE classes in Thane will help you recall information, understand better and complete assignments faster than if you were doing other things at the same time.

Leave Room for Error

Do not have a tight schedule when it comes to your online studies. Give yourself some wiggle room. For instance, if you think that it will take you three days to complete an assignment, give yourself five days. This is because the unexpected can happen. For instance, you can fall sick or have to travel for a couple of days. 

Stick to Your Schedule

You might suffer from fatigue and get discouraged from studying. However, don’t let yourself get sidetracked. Once you set a study schedule, be consistent and don’t let yourself off the hook.

When you miss your JEE preparation ONLINE classes, you will not get full value for the course. Attend all your classes so that you do not fall behind.


To successfully pursue JEE preparation ONLINE, you need to have goals, set boundaries and be self-disciplined. There is no one to supervise you to ensure that you get the work done, so you have to hold yourself accountable.