Sunday, July 21

Binge-watching can be helpful. Wondering how?

Classroom education is not the only place where students learn. With growing web technologies, there is study material everywhere. As parents, we are responsible for introducing children to various means of acquiring knowledge. As everyone knows, the internet has both good and bad influences on children, and as parents, we are vested with the responsibility of consciously using the internet purposefully. Since visual education majorly moves children, it remains in their memory, and they will recall it without difficulty. A broader understanding is possible when they are introduced to various aspects that contribute to specific topics. 

Binge-watching shows can be one of the best ways to make education fun and interesting. However, since OTT platforms are not short on engaging content, here are a few Netflix recommendations for children aged seven and above:

  • The Who Was? Show

The docu-series “The Who Was? Show” is a live-action sketch comedy show comprising 13 episodes. Each episode presents two revolutionary and notable world leaders whose ideologies, inventions and discoveries have influenced the world. Some eminent personalities introduced are Marie Curie, Mahatma Gandhi, William Shakespeare, Issac Newton, Frida Khalo and Genghis Khan. 

  • Becoming

“Becoming” is a short documentary on the life of former first lady Michelle Obama. A role model for women, she worked as an advocate for poverty, education, nutrition, physical activity and more. The documentary spotlights aspects such as dedication to personal growth and aspirations and persistence despite setbacks. This is a good watch, despite which gender is watching, as it inspires both to start their journey of self-confidence to achieve more extraordinary dreams. 

  • The Hidden Lives of Pets

This small documentary comes with just four episodes on the incredible lives of pet animals – cats, dogs, rats and more. The series uncovers intelligence, sensibility and other mind boggling sensory aspects of pets. It is a great watch, especially with kids, as you can enjoy many aspects of your pet that you might have missed as a pet owner. 

  • Wild Babies

This 8-episode-long documentary series explores wild animals’ paths and fun adventures in their natural habitat. It gives a sneak peek into the wild animals’ lives from birth—their preferences, behaviours and food patterns.

  • Akbar Birbal

Most Indians’ Favourite story is now in the form of a series, “Akbar Birbal”. The series is set up during the Mughal era and touches upon many moral and life lessons told through the legendary duo Akbar and Birbal. 

  • Sudha Murthy’s stories of Wit and Magic

The 13-episode animated series Wit and Magic is based on the stories written by the famous Sudha Murthy. A brilliant, short, yet valuable life lesson is narrated through various situations in the Indian life context. 

  • Brainchild

An informative sci-fi docu-series that touches on topics like social media, dreams, and emotions, to name a few. It provides the why, where and how of these topics in our lives and their effects on us. The show is recommended for children 12 years and above. 

These are some of our best picks and the most loved shows. There are many more available to make the student experience the lessons. Ekya, one of the best International schools in Bangalore, believes in making the children learn and share those lessons. The school follows its in-house curriculum that encourages students to explore and learn independently in a controlled environment under parental guidance.