Sunday, July 21

How Can You Enhance Your Music Teaching Skills?

A music teacher has professional-level music teaching skills. He should be able to teach students different disciplines of music like instruments knowledge, how to operate an orchestra, different bands knowledge, and how to operate all these in combination.
Dr George Freundlich is an expert multi-instrumentalist and a professional musician. He has been a member of several orchestras. You will be able to learn from him.

  • He should keep these things in mind.
  • Tell students about how to read music lines, harmony, melody, and rhythm. 
  • He should keep the progress cards for students.
  • He should conduct monthly evaluations of students. 
  • He should organize trips to music concerts.  
  • He should have the following characteristics in him
  • Bachelor’s Degree

He should have a bachelor’s degree in arts to teach in school, college, or open his studio. If he wants to open his studio, he makes sure that his studio is equipped with the latest equipment or that any school he will join has the latest musical equipment. He should know different teaching skills like music history and genre theory. By teaching students, his skills will get polished. 

George Freundlich also has mastered three musical instruments and is a great music teacher. He has taught several of his students the true art of playing musical instruments.

  • Experience

Before joining any school or college or starting his studio, he should have ample knowledge. He should avail all possible opportunities to keep his knowledge up to date. This will help him to improve his musical skills as a teacher. 

He has to organize classes and workshops to teach students to help them in operating instruments and help them to enhance their singing skills. Through this, students learn faster, and their music skills also improve. He should voluntarily arrange classes with different colleges. This will help him in developing connections with others. 

  • Leadership Skills

He should have leadership qualities. Students come from different backgrounds and cultures, so he has to unite the class and help students communicate with each other and make a bond between them. While delivering lectures, he should keep the class attentive and motivated to learn new things. Communicate with students at their level and make sure they digest what he is trying to teach. He has to convince students that learning music is time-consuming and demands focus and discipline. 

  • Love for Music

Besides all other things, he should have genuine affection and love for music and teaching. Through this, he will teach music more passionately and will try his best to make you fall in love with music. When he is passionate about music, he will try to teach you to the next level and make extra contributions to make you achieve what you want. 

  • Higher Studies

A simple bachelor’s degree isn’t enough if you want to pursue your career extraordinarily. He has to go for higher studies to create more job opportunities and build more potential in himself as a teacher. This includes the master’s in the philosophy of music education. If he wants to teach at the university level, he should have a doctoral degree in music. Soon he will be among the best music teachers across the globe.


He should have an ample amount of knowledge about all music genres, music history, and musical instruments. He should be calm and friendly towards his students, and he should be enthusiastic about teaching music.