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How Does an M.Com Degree Mold Your Future?

The two crucial components that run the economy of any country are Commerce and Finance. Commerce is the practice of purchasing and selling products or services at a larger scale for profit. To boost any trade, in-depth knowledge of commerce is a necessity. Learning all its elements – Economics, Finance, Taxation, and Banking will help run a business. 

Organizations search for individuals who have learned these elements and know how to put them to use.

What is a Master of Commerce (M.Com) Degree?

Master of Commerce is a post-graduation course that imparts deep knowledge of trading. It is a holistic study where elements like Economy, Banking, Finance, Marketing, Management, Taxation, Statistics, and Mathematics are taught.  

The course is available – full-time, hybrid or online.

Benefits of an online M.Com degree

Commerce is one of the sought-after career tracks chosen by aspiring students. However, pursuing a degree from an esteemed institution is sometimes challenging without relocating. Now when the degree is offered online, here are a few benefits of the same:

  • Study from anywhere, anytime

Online M.Com course is accessible anytime and from any corner of the world. They offer flexibility which helps work students and are more affordable than full-time courses.

  • Work while you study

While pursuing an online degree, you get the opportunity to study from the comfort of your home. This also allows you to work and earn if you wish to, besides studying.

  • Versatile employability quotient

M.Com degree holders get specialized training in various disciplines of commerce, allowing them to apply for various job profiles available in different industries of both, Public and Private sectors.

  • Banking Industry
  • Financial Companies
  • Law Industry
  • Accountancy
  • Civil Services
  • Information Technology
  • Insurance Companies
  • Multinational Companies

Vast career opportunities

  • Finance Analysts: Their role is to plan financial and investment strategies and advise them for their companies or clients.
  • Stock Brokers: Stock Brokers purchase and sell stocks and securities on behalf of investors in the market.
  • Tax Consultants: They are experts in tax laws and work as tax advisors for their clients.
  • Budget Analysts: They plan the budget and monitor and approve expenses for the company.
  • Investment Bankers: They assist their clients with financial, trading and sales decisions, wealth and asset management.
  • Corporate Secretary: They are responsible for setting board meetings and preparing and recording minutes of those meetings. 
  • Auditors: They monitor and analyze the financial records to ensure the company follows tax laws honestly.
  • Chief Financial Officers: They administer financials and risk management of the company. 


An M.Com degree makes you aware of the ever-changing business trends, laws and rules applicable and required marketing strategies. Students will be able to identify any risk and overcome it. A comprehensive understanding of all these will facilitate better management of their businesses.

Scope of higher studies

After completing M.Com, you can apply for higher studies and exams. The curriculum fosters a way towards CA, M.Phil and similar courses or competitive exams for growth.

  • Chartered Accountant (CA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)
  • Company Secretary (ICWA)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA) 

Online M.Com degree at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)

Students who wish to pursue this course can apply for the Master of Commerce, an online degree program, from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). They offer insight into commerce to the students to turn them into professionals.

The total fee charged for Indian students is INR 11,500 and for international students, it is USD 550.

Duration and Eligibility:

Duration: Two years with Four Semesters

EligibilityAny candidate who has passed B.Com from any University or institute recognized by Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

To apply, visit: