Thursday, May 16

Indian Curriculum and IGCSE: Which One is better?

With the consistently extending worldwide mentality of the current world, it has become progressively essential to outfit kids with worldwide abilities and skills. We are presently leisurely moving our concentration towards making “worldwide residents”. Thus, instructive choices have gone past only picking an everyday schedule and have moved to the need of picking the right leading group of schooling. Selecting the right leading group of schooling has now become probably the greatest worry for parents. All parents need hands down the best schooling for their kids. Subsequently, picking the right instruction board turns into even more significant as it assumes a huge part in establishing the underpinning of a kid’s turn of events. The various educational programs accessible in India are CBSE, ICSE, state boards, IGCSE and IB. While CBSE and ICSE are the most broadly acknowledged boards, IGCSE and IB are filling in prevalence. Before arriving at a resolution, there are numerous perspectives that one needs to consider. Allow us to investigate the distinctions between the sheets, their upsides and downsides.


The syllabus followed by ICSE is more complete and all around organized. The prospectus gives equivalent significance to all subjects and advances the inside and out study of subjects. The IGCSE board, then again, is more practical and application-based. IGCSE has a more extensive range of subjects when contrasted with ICSE.

The IGCSE educational plan recommends limited content to be instructed in the separate areas while ICSE is centred around a shared objective of study with normal substance.

IGCSE is a global standard educational plan and ICSE is a public level assessment.

Students who have contemplated in the ICSE leading group of training find it more straightforward to progress to IB and IGCSE educational programs.

IGCSE board is perceived worldwide by many driving unfamiliar colleges making it an ideal choice for those understudies who wish to seek after advanced education abroad or in any event, for guardians who wish to settle abroad.

This multitude of boards are not the same as one another yet IGCSE, ICSE and CBSE are ending up powerful and dynamic in their own specific manner. They will definitely assist students with acquiring quality instruction expected to seek after additional studies easily.


The adaptability of picking subjects is a lot bigger in IGCSE when compared to CBSE. In the CBSE board, students are permitted to pick subject blends in their stream as it were. Then again, IGCSE gives an assortment of subjects and blends and the streams are no bar.

CBSE underscores more on theoretical ideas. These ideas are not really inside and out when contrasted with IGCSE, where top to bottom review and its application in day-to- day existence is empowered.

The CBSE prospectus is legitimate cross country though the IGCSE schedule is valid and perceived around the world. It is broadly acknowledged by universities abroad when contrasted with CBSE or ICSE.

The quantity of schools offering IGCSE is lesser when contrasted with schools that offer the CBSE prospectus.

The IGCSE board is the most ideal decision for those parents who are hoping to settle down abroad. Campus is one of the best IGCSE schools in Chennai empowers kids with project-based learning model, and currently handling Pre KG to Grade 7.

Exposures and Benefits of IGCSE Curriculum:

IGCSE assessments are the absolute most solid and exact evaluation frameworks perceived universally. It focuses around calculated, useful and involved advancing as well as basic critical thinking abilities that assist with fostering the mental abilities and mind of students. It additionally advances the improvement of higher-request thinking abilities and gives an alternate mastering way to deal with students.

IGCSE certificate is generally acknowledged in universities and colleges across the world; contemplating in an IGCSE school can go about as an impetus in your child’s higher education in the event that they decide to do it abroad. When taken a look at rather than nearby and domestic educational programs, the IGCSE educational program makes students exceptional to confront the world and assists them with forming into wise and mindful residents of the world. IGCSE schools regularly give a worldwide viewpoint to students which helps form their brains and make them autonomous in all parts of life.

Studying in this board of education prepares students to tackle various international assessments like the SATs, ACTs, IELTS and TOEFL to name a few. The IGCSE syllabus is geared towards these international assessments, making it easier for students to crack them. Students studying in IGCSE curriculum also find it fairly easy to crack national exams like JEE or NEET etc.

The educational plan lays accentuation on customized learning. It energizes a student driven way to deal with academics that generally puts the necessities of the student first. This aides in collecting a good and remunerating connection between the understudy and instructor. This educational plan advances a solid, sustaining and encouraging climate with useful analysis to help guide and make ready to greatness.

This board of education encourages students to take on an active role in the learning process. IGCSE revolves around a paradigm built to make the student think critically, inquire and to always ask questions. This aids the development of problem-solving and analytical thinking skills in students.

        A comprehensive answer to which board is better depends on the needs of you and your child. If you wish for a global perspective on education then the IGCSE board would be a definitive yes.