Tuesday, September 26

Perse British School Singapore: What Are The Primary Years Like?

 Perse British School Singapore is known to be the most popular international school on the island, which ensues a robust British curriculum and takes pride in having a proven track record of academic brilliance. The school is rich with 400 years of history and will open its gates in 2020. The school is now allowing enrolment of Year 1 pupils for its comprehensive school year.

 Why Consider Perse British School For Year 1 Pupils?

The Perse School in Singapore ensures a 100% British curriculum for Key Stage 1, which run inclusive of children ranging between 5-7 years. The school curriculum adheres to the primary programme of Cambridge while also implementing the Chinese Language and Singaporean Mathematics.

 Critical Stage 2 spans 3-6 years and keeps up with the scaffolded curriculum that brings about fresh concepts. For Year 1 pupils, the school extensively focuses on reading comprehension and phonics skills. 

A Vast Plethora Of Subjects Are Covered For Students Like:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Global Perspectives
  • Pe
  • Music 
  • Art
  • History
  • Geography
  • Chinese
  • Science
  • Maths
  • English

Cambridge Primary Programme Followed In Perse School: Is It Beneficial?

People must ask if the Cambridge Primary Programme can prepare students to enrol for secondary education in a different school. The school offers a checkpoint towards the end of Year 6 that would provide a global benchmark for the pupil’s growth and development. However, to convince people, it has brilliant results as proof of its quality.

The school believes in staying true to the teaching quality, standards and values.

What Is The Teaching At Perse School Like?

The teaching at the school adheres to the Singaporean Maths curriculum elements, which incorporate visual aids like bar charts, geometric shapes and blocks to solve maths problems. The desks are laid out in vibrantly hued blocks to resemble ratios and fractions.

 For English classes, the students are given practical aids like Warrior Cubes, on which the pupils are made to roll image-printed dice on every cube side.

What Do Pupils Learn In Their Year 1 At The Perse School?

From the beginning, the Year 1 pupils are taught to independently work on their assignments with a partner and while forming small groups. The school is known to emphasize the four essential values: Respect for the Environment and Each Other, Endeavour, Breadth and Balance and Curiosity. 

Everyday teaching teaches lessons on pupils’ character and empowers them with independent learning skills. 

The system followed by the school is hugely appreciated, thanks to its consistency in keeping up with ranking as one of the top maths schools at international levels.