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Vastu Shastra Tips for Better Life & Prosperity

Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, explains design fundamentals, including layout, measurement, site preparation, space allocation, and spatial geometry.

Energy exists everywhere, and every building or land has a specific vibration associated with it, according to Vastu Shastra. Positive and negative energy are the building blocks of our universe. Vastu is concerned with removing negative and enhancing positive energy in the home.

Following Vastu Shastra has numerous advantages, including:

Vastu, the five elements of Earth, Air, Space, Fire, and Water are the five elements of the universe. According to this, maintaining a good equilibrium in your home is critical to attracting good vibes. The dominant direction of each element is as follows:

This planet’s name, Prithvi, is known for its stability and patience. All corners are dominated by it in the center and diagonally. Known for bringing fun and happiness to life, air-Vayu is most prevalent in the East. Mental energy and mental space are represented by Space-Akasha.

The west is dominated by space, the source of all social energy. The power of fire is a symbol of self-assurance, wealth, and achievement. The South is dominated by it. For human life, water serves as a crucial sustaining factor. As a result, it’s linked to good health and immunity. A large portion of the north is dominated by this.

For a healthy financial future, follow this Vastu advice

The general public often portrays Vastu as very difficult to understand. On the other hand, it’s a breeze to follow along with. Here are a few uncomplicated astrology principles to put into practice at home:

Plants in the Vastu for financial success

Painting the walls of your home purple, which symbolizes wealth, would be a wise investment. If repainting the walls is out of the question, consider keeping a purple money plant in its place. Cash should be stored in an almirah or safe on the south or south-west wall of the home, with the door facing north. You might place a mirror in front of the cash locker to attract money.

It represents a doubling of your money! Your home’s North-Eastern corner is an excellent place to have water features to reflect positive energy flow. Place a water feature, such as a small fountain, pond, or other water feature, as a focal point. If you want to save money, be sure to fix any broken or leaking plumbing according to astrologers.

The Vastu Tips for Academic Development

Studying at a desk facing East or North will help you focus more. Maintain a distance between the wall and the desk to allow for proper energy flow. The restroom or a beam should not be under the study room.

Ideally, the bookshelf should face east, north, or north-eastern directions when positioned according to astrologers. To avoid adding to the stress of studying, ensure the mirror does not reflect the books. Luck at school may be energized by placing a well-lit light on the study table’s southeast corner.

Vastu Advice for a Long and Healthy Life

Empty or sparsely furnished, the heart of the home should never be a focal point. This ensures that there is no restriction on the flow of energy. Sickness spreads throughout the home when the fire element is out of balance. As a result, the direction of the house’s southeast or northwest is ideal for placing a fire element such as a candle, Diya, or fireplace.

The energy drain caused by mirrors reflecting a sleeping person might lead to illness if they are placed next to the bed. Be careful not to mix your bathroom and kitchen energies. Make sure the doors are permanently closed in the other direction. Having a lit candle in a sick person’s room may speed up their recovery time. Water is best consumed when facing the North-East or East since this direction promotes excellent health.

Improve Your Family Relationships with These Vastu-Based Strategies

Place photographs of your loved ones in the Northeast of your home, and you’ll feel happier.

Placing a white sandalwood statue in a spot where you can see it many times while passing by might help reduce family members’ tensions.

Incorporating the Sandalwood Statue into your home will foster a harmonious bond amongst the members of your family according to astrologers. Keep a tiny branch of the Kadamba tree at home if there is a disagreement among the male members of the household.

If you want to keep your family peaceful, hang a wind chime with crystals in the bedroom. Astrology helps solve a variety of common issues.

The home’s corners are tremendous energy generators, so ensure they’re always well-lit. Transform the bad energy in your home by placing a Tulsi plant in the northeast corner.

Cactus is a harmful plant that harms the health and relationships of the people who live in the home; therefore, don’t put one there.

Spiral staircases are unwelcome guests in the home, so stay away from them. Place a Lord Kubera Idol in the North of your home if you’re having problems getting a job. The placement of a Lord Ganesha image near the front door of a house brings good fortune.


Home astrology advises guests to be opposite the host in a north-east orientation and facing the north and east. This guarantees that your home is filled with the most significant and positive energy possible.