Tuesday, September 26

What Makes Repton International School The Best Igcse Prep School?

The Repton International School in Johor Bahru is focused on establishing a robust foundation for its pupils right from the Primary Years. The students then graduate to the Senior school while enrolling in the IGSCE programme before advancing to the Cambridge A-Levels or progressing to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Repton International School: A Well-Planned Institution

The well-planned international school in Malaysia considers the university goals of its pupils, aptitude and the academic foundation.

Choosing Repton International School And Why?

What Are The Early Years In The Repton International School Like?

The school’s curriculum is designed to ensure that students can gain a complete understanding and knowledge of the subjects they are taught. Every cross-curricular assignment and project is curated to inspire young minds and deepen their insight into various spheres of the curriculum. The learning is based on real-life scenarios and contexts, while classes adhere to interesting theme days for topics.

Apart from this, the school also arranges house events and educational trips through its highly-qualified educators. They ensure the education needs of every child are met.

What To Expect From Its Senior School And Sixth Form Days?

The Repton Senior School takes pride in preparing its pupils to foray into the world while being highly competent and qualified. Having equipped itself with a large team of experts, the school ensures it nurtures and takes care of its students while acknowledging their strengths. The positive connection between the school, students and the parents ensures they can keep their students happy and content in the engaging learning ambience.

How Do Students Choose The IGSCE Courses?

The students choose from various IGSCE courses during Year 9, and the external evaluation occurs towards the end of Year 11. The International school gives a privileged scope to its students to either choose IDBP or even A Levels. Since it offers a parallel curriculum, the students can make the most from the relevant studies.

Why Is The Campus Of The School So Extraordinary?

The Repton International School is set on a sprawling 20-acres campus intentionally constructed within the rich forested space. Situated at Johor Bahru, the school campus is geared to ensure 21st-century education and impart modern-day values to students. The school’s pupils can reap benefits from the exemplary teaching and the recreational scope that the school offers. Students enjoy a vast array of facilities within the campus like:

  • Multimedia Laboratories
  • Client Labs
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pools

Students are given the scope to stay creative and innovative even amidst the learning environment, thanks to the spacious campus and a plethora of modern facilities like courts and pools. All of this nurtures a healthy mindset for students while also helping them find their liking towards exploring new things daily.