Friday, May 17

What Must Every International School Have According To Parents?

Every child deserves of best-in-class education. International schools are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of advanced learning. However, parents find it extremely challenging to pick the best top international school in Cambodia for their children. While the international school database will only help parents get the list of the best international schools. It is equally important to match the school with your child’s needs.

What Does Every Parent Expect From The Top International Schools?

When it comes to choosing international schools, parents expect some everyday things. Here is a list of all the factors parents consider when picking the school for their children.

Native Speaking Teaching Staff

Most parents desire a school with native-speaking teachers. When we talk of native-speaking teaching staff, we aren’t referring to the country’s native language where the school is situated but the language of instruction.

Abundant Extra Curricular Activities

About 91% of parents consider extracurricular activities when choosing schools for their children. The extracurricular activities might, however, vary from one school to another, and it can be inclusive of anything ranging from art and crafts to swimming and more. Parents extend their support and value to schools which work towards involving their students in school life.

Extra Languages

Expat parents know the significance of learning more than one language. As many as 40% of the parents believe in enrolling their students on the top international school in Cambodia that offers additional language classes. Additional languages can be inclusive of anything apart from the language of instruction.

Class Size

Many factors even consider the class size when picking an international school. As per the ideal class size, there should be a maximum of 24 students in a large class and about 12 students in a small class. Anything beyond 24 students is not considered ideal by many parents who expect undivided attention from teachers for their children.

The School Must Be Accreditation

An accredited school comprises a curriculum that articulates and caters to particular standards. The accreditation procedures ensure that the school has a safe and positive learning ambience for its students. It also means that the school has a full-proof strategy to future-proof its students apart from adhering to strict safety standards.

Apart from this, parents also look into the school’s culture and its overall value system. The best international school ensures happy students and values different languages. It has easy access to all the modern technology and makes learning joyful and exciting for all its students.