Tuesday, September 26

Why is an educational guardianship important?

Within the world of study for international students in the UK there are many key people involved. The boarding school and all its staff, including the tutors, head of year and housemaster or mistress. Also, the student is obviously a very important part of this, and the one that needs to be happy! Along with this is the parents, and then the educational guardianship organisation that is the glue that joins all the above together.

An educational guardian is there to support with everything from filling in forms for the school. Both preadmission to secure the place, to during term for anything from medical forms to permission to go on trips and use services the school provides.

They also offer physical support, to assist in ordering, and taking delivery of school uniform, taking the student for covid tests and to even attend sports or theatre events the student may be taking part in as the parent cannot attend due to being abroad.

Most importantly, an educational guardian is there to provide a safe, welcoming host family for the student to stay with during the school holidays – allowing them to study in a comfortable environment. Also providing them with a wonderful bedroom and meeting some new friends along the way. As well as getting accustomed to English culture, food, and way of life.

A guardian should also be an aegis accredited guardian, meaning that they have passed all the tests put in front of them. This checks all their staff are police checked, safeguarding trained and they are a safe and trustworthy business to work with.

We recommend YES Guardians as an aegis guardian who offer a five star service.

Overall, an educational guardian is very rarely heard of, but is essential for any boarding school place, and for the health, wellbeing and safeguarding of the student. It compliments all of the other organisations that the student deals with day to day.