Tuesday, September 26

Why should you consider pursuing an MBA in Berlin?


Berlin is synonymous with German prosperity and economic prowess. The capital of Germany, Berlin attracts huge numbers of tourists, diplomats and working professionals in equal measure every year.

Being a hub of commercial activity in Germany, Berlin is an excellent place to consider pursuing your business education. Pursuing an MBA in Berlin allows you to profit from the proximity to one of the largest business hubs in Europe.

If you are an MBA aspirant and looking for a good international destination to pursue your education, Berlin is the place to go. Keep reading to learn how an MBA from Berlin can give you massive career advantages.

How can an MBA enhance your future career?

A Master’s in Business Administration or MBA is one of the most popular business degrees across the world. An MBA immediately elevates your managerial career prospects in the business world.

Most MBA variants including a global MBA can prepare you for the intricacies of a business management career. You gain several executives and transferable skills that can groom you for a successful corporate career.

Additionally, an MBA from a good university also improves your chances of landing well-paid jobs and can help with your career progression, especially if you are from a not-so-well-known college. 

Why should you choose an MBA programme from a business school in Berlin?

As mentioned above, Berlin is the capital of one of the major world economic superpowers. Choosing a good university in Berlin to do your MBA can provide you with several advantages such as:

  1. You get a chance to gain an international education and exposure
  2. There are a plethora of business schools and MBA colleges in Berlin that are well-reputed and accredited by local and international bodies.
  3. You can choose from a wide range of MBA formats like part-time or executive, and MBA specialisations such as marketing or finance management.
  4. Business education in Berlin can be affordable compared to degrees in other major European cities like Paris and Zurich, owing to many fellowships, scholarships and tuition fee waiver schemes
  5. There are numerous commercial establishments that hire international students for part-time gigs which allows them to cover part of their expenses.
  6. Berlin is considered the start-up hub of Germany and Europe
  7. The city is a major destination for history buffs, architecture enthusiasts, and nature lovers
  8. Berlin can be considered an ideal hub-city to explore the rest of Europe 
  9. Berlin has a comparable standard of living to other major cities like Paris and London with better affordability

While looking for appropriate business schools in Berlin, you should opt for one that has been accredited by international business education bodies. You should also opt for a programme that provides ample career support services.

Start your search for appropriate MBA programmes in Berlin that suit your specialisation preferences to establish a successful business career.