Sunday, July 21

Why Your Child Needs O Level Physics Tuition

If you are reading this, chances are that you are someone who knows about the Singapore education system. You know that your child is in primary school now and when she or he reaches the age of 12, they will be entering secondary school. By then, your child needs to select a subject combination for their Express Course (normal academic) or the Normal Technical course (Normal academic track with more hands-on training).

However, choosing which subjects to study at O levels can be confusing especially if your child is already weak in Maths and Science subjects like Physics. After all, these two courses contribute 40% towards the final grades in O level. Even if Maths is one of your child’s stronger subjects, it still does not mean that s/he will automatically score an A for Physics.

What if your child is one of those who are unable to understand the deeper concepts behind O level Physics?

Will s/he be able to score well for this subject? The answer is NO. If that happens, you have just wasted 1 year trying to “make do” with a sub-par grade which hampers your child’s Secondary school education. Furthermore, because O Level Physics covers all three core subjects, it can definitely affect your child’s grades in other subjects like Chemistry and Biology as well as the aggregate scores (which is half of the Singaporean university entrance score!)

Do Not Gamble With Your Child’s Future By Taking Chances With Their O Level Physics Exam Scores!

O level Physics is a requirement for many courses like Science and Engineering. If your child’s O level Physics grades are not up to scratch, he/she may need to retake the subject in Junior college or polytechnic (i.e Junior College for Arts & Social Sciences; Polytechnic for Science and Engineering). Furthermore, students who study these subjects will generally face an even more intensive academic route as they progress through their degree programme (e.g undergraduates at NUS need to obtain high distinctions for their major modules while doing well enough in the minor ones too).

There are so many requirements needed just to apply for a university course and I really do not want you and your child to start off on the wrong foot by wasting 2years of your life together trying to “sink” or “swim”.

My name is Vivian. I am a physics tutor from TSA ( has been teaching the subject for over 10 years, both here in Singapore and overseas. I understand that sometimes, students do not have enough exposure and guidance to enable them to excel at O level Physics. As such, I work with my students and ensure that they truly understand the concepts and principles behind these difficult topics.

We offer one-to-one private tuition as well as small group classes (maximum of 4 members) depending on your child’s needs. Furthermore, we provide online tutorials for those who are unable to attend our scheduled lessons or those living overseas. In addition, we also offer revision sessions for O level Maths and Chemistry (similar to the one you have read). So contact us today!