Friday, June 21

How Can Comic Reading Apps Expand Their Audience Globally?

Nostalgia hits hard when we ponder the bygone times when comics were integral to childhood memories. Ever traded stuff with your buddies in return for a week-long issuance of your favorite comic? If yes, then you are the millennial who has the best of both worlds and if not, then you are the Gen-Z soul who can explore the fun and excitement by stepping into the landscape of webcomics with the latest comics, which are digitally popular. Because surfing on the internet is what today’s generation is mostly occupied with, webcomics are the perfect platform to revive the culture of reading.

Webcomics are the mainstream content in South Korea, and even in the US, exponential growth has been observed in this domain. Insanely popular webcomic digital platforms like Webtoon uses new-age technology and trends to grasp young readers’ viewership by presenting mini snippets of stories using visually appealing graphics and texts in multiple frames. All online comic books nowadays have some uniqueness and special elements that touch the chords of the readers’ hearts, but how will those comics reach out to the potential audience if they need to be circulated more?

Thanks to the digital era, we can project our creativity to the world through various social media platforms. Depending solely on the publisher’s willingness to reach out to your readers is no longer mandatory. It is more challenging to garner the desired viewership and achieve popularity as it is because one must consider implementing the right strategies to monetize and market creativity through webcomic platforms or reading apps

Following are some of the pointers related to the online promotion of your art if you aspire to be an illustrator or creator of webcomics or online story books:

  1. Focus on creativity before connectivity: Making an online presence of your web page or app your primary goal? After multiple failures and experiments, you can achieve this only after curating your best art form. You must wait to write your first comic and expect it to go viral immediately after you post.
  2. Secure your digital base camp: Let social media alone handle your publishing, marketing, and managing operations, but tend to stick to a specific platform with your contact information and merch through which your readers can support you and reach out to you. Be it a website, an app, or a social media handle, there has to be a digital headquarters, as there are some dedicated websites to let you publish your comic for their built-in audience.
  3. Be a part of the community: The good thing about the digital era is that creators build their communities depending on their niche. So, being a part of the group allows you to observe, learn, get inspired, and support each other through many opportunities.

These few tips and tricks can be adopted as a go-to mantra to establish your digital comic platform. Hindu mythology book adopting a digital platform is the best example of cultural and technological integration as it has taken an app form with an array of comic books available to its readers in Android and iOS format.