Tuesday, September 26

Reasons Why Childcare Programs are Important

Whether a home-based program, an independent program, or a non-profit organization, every program should have a process that screens and selects the staff and volunteers who are best for your program and safe for your children.

A quality childcare program ensures that its employees do not pose a threat to the children they serve; this may seem like an obvious practice for any program, but unfortunately, it is not. Every organization/agency that serves children should have a screening process for employees and volunteers as part of their hiring practices, as this greatly reduces the chances of child abuse.

Quality assurance programs ensure that all your staff, including on-site cooks and maintenance workers or caretakers, are thoroughly vetted and have passed background checks. It includes maintaining and updating driver safety records. By doing this, parents learn that the safety and well-being of their children is their primary concern.

The need for quality childcare programs

It is essential to know that the physical structure of any childcare program helps or hinders the adequate protection of the children they serve. The program provides secure areas not used for program purposes, such as storage rooms, administrative offices, and kitchen areas. It also excludes a place where a child may be abused or bullied. The program must install windows in doors and cabinets; this ensures that staff can see if a child has entered the premises and if the child has been harmed.

Many quality control programs have rules and procedures to keep children safe while in the program. The program must have clearly defined rules and procedures for the admission and discharge of children. There are some policies that you should be aware of and sign.

A childcare Rosebery program that wants to provide quality care for your child or children should have well-defined policies and procedures for picking up your child at the end of the day or special events. A well-organized program will have a photo of you or the person responsible for picking up the child. You must provide valid identification and sign a form before staff will release your child to you.

Child abuse has never been a problem that any parent would like to have with their child or children, but it is a sad reality. A quality childcare program must provide all its staff and volunteers with vital information and training to help them prevent and respond to child abuse. The program must clearly define policies and processes for investigating allegations of child abuse suspicions. They must have well-defined behaviors, and violations reported to the proper authorities and have a designated contact person for questions and concerns about possible child abuse.


These are just some things to consider when looking for a quality childcare program. Many parents are so focused on what type of curriculum the program uses that they overlook some vital areas regarding safe and quality childcare programs.