Friday, May 17

Strategies to score 400/450 in BITSAT 2022

Raiwat Bapat from Nagpur appeared for BITSAT 2021 and achieved a score of 400/450. He disclosed his strategies to prepare in personal conversation to achieve such a high score. Here is the report card of Raiwat:

The article from the hands of Raiwat.

I will try to share my preparation journey and highlight the factors which helped me achieve this score. While I am no one to claim that this is the only right path to achieving success in BITSAT 2022, I can assure you that if you follow these steps strategically, it will help you achieve a high score in this exam. 

First and foremost, try to complete your basic syllabus from NCERT and NCERT Exemplar. A basic level of understanding is very much necessary not only for this exam but pretty much for every exam. At the same time, it is not a sufficient step; it is just the necessary one. After completing these sources, you should aim for some advanced level books for competitive exams. If you are enrolled in any coaching, you can follow their material. 

However, the important part comes while choosing the BITSAT specific material. I discussed relevant material for BITSAT with seniors and friends. The most recurring advice I got was to go for a Best BITSAT Mock Test Series. Which one to go ahead with was a big question though. I had come across many mock test series for BITSAT by the top brands but there is a series that caught my attention immediately with the tag line ‘By the BITSians, For The BITSians’ and that is so powerful about it.

I contacted the team Masterclass Space; and got in contact with the founder, Aditya Shanker, who himself is a graduate from BITS-Pilani of 2012 batch. Since the features of the test series were quite good and the level of the test series is at par with real BITSAT, I got convinced to purchase the series after attempting the demo test which is freely available for everyone on the Desktop Platform or Mobile App after signing up. 

The most important feature of the series is the level of similarity in the questions of the mock test and the actual exam. And this is very obvious for this series because the series has been prepared by the team of alumni from BITS-Pilani itself. No other mock test series would have this amazing feature. Also, the concept of bonus questions at the end of 150 questions was something I was completely unaware of; Masterclass Space BITSAT Test Series has this feature and it was very helpful. It helped me to estimate the time in which I must complete 150 questions so that there is sufficient time to attempt the last set of questions. Also, the levels of tests increase gradually from test 1-30. The detailed analysis after every test enables one to identify the conceptual mistakes and work on those. In all, choosing this package was the best decision for BITSAT prep journey. 

I would recommend every student to complete their syllabus in the mentioned order and then opt for BITSAT Test Series by Masterclass Space. Exam of BITSAT has a different format than most others; it has a different marking scheme than others and it has a different level than others. If you want to excel in this exam, you must prepare for THIS exam. Preparing other exams like JEE Main and Advanced will give you the required conceptual knowledge but that alone won’t suffice in achieving desirable marks. At times, the series prepared by many institutes have very difficult questions in the mock tests; it makes students feel that they can’t do well in the actual exam. This one factor was a prime reason for going ahead with Masterclass Space. They have very carefully maintained the level of mock tests at par with the actual exam. It is undisputedly the Best BITSAT Test Series available.

The mobile app BITSAT Test Series By Masterclass Space is quite amazing. You can purchase test series from the app also and take tests while on the go. 

Recently came across the Telegram ChannelBITSAT Test Series By Masterclass Space. You can subscribe it for preparation help. 

Going forward, I also had an interview with the founder of this team where I shared my experience of using their test series. The link for the same is here

Wishing you the best for your exam! Keep doing the hard work.