Thursday, June 20

The Most Important Factors to Consider Before Becoming a Medical Office Assistant

The need for medical office assistants is consistent and strong. In addition to the fundamental abilities in administration and accounting that are required of them, Medical Office Assistants in Surrey & Abbotsford BC acquire the standard medical vocabulary as well as other capabilities.

Personal Fulfilment

You will have the opportunity to engage with patients and demonstrate your understanding of the medical area if you choose a career as a medical office assistant.

Short-Term Training

The educational route leading to a MOA is rather quick, enabling you to begin your desired work in a little less than a year! The sooner you start your career, the sooner you can start increasing your compensation.

Job Opportunities

MOAs provide a wide variety of career options, and individuals who want to work in this industry have the opportunity to do so with the following employers:

  • Small practices
  • Offices of physicians and dentists
  • Hospitals
  • Plastic surgery clinics

As a result of the fact that many practices are open not only during the day but also in the evening and on the weekends, you have the opportunity to find work that is accommodating to the specific requirements of your own timetable.


After completing their first training in less than a year, entry-level MOAs have the potential to earn a salary of up to $31/hour. They could be eligible for an annual bonus and might start accruing vacation time right immediately (both depending on the employer).


Enroll in a program to become a Medical Office Assistant in Surrey & Abbotsford BC, which will provide you with training in medical office processes, communication, and customer service, as well as software for spreadsheets, in order to be ready for the fulfilling new profession you’ll be starting!