Friday, June 21

What are the best colleges for a global MBA

The Masters in Business Administration degree or MBA has always been a popular degree for all business aspirants. Though with changes in the market and new demands in the industry, a more advanced version of MBA which is the Global MBA has become a preferred choice for students. 

If you are keen to get in-depth training in international business management then this degree can be of great use to you. A Global MBA can help you understand how markets across the world function and also makes you competent to work in international companies.        

So, while you have zeroed in on opting for a Global MBA, you still have to look for a suitable college that offers an accredited degree and suits all your needs. 

Choosing the right college 

Selecting the right place for higher studies such as a master degree needs a lot of contemplation as you simply can’t pick a college based on its name and popularity. You have to thoroughly understand the curriculum that they are offering for Global MBA and if it covers all the theoretical and practical knowledge that you are seeking. 

Also, colleges with a smaller class size will help you get more access to the teacher and allow you to put up queries more confidently. Along with this, other social activities, a good faculty, internship options and overall values of the college should be the driving factor for your decision-making. 

Choosing a place that is committed to the growth and learning of each student will certainly help you go ahead in your professional journey. 

Shortlisting the best colleges 

Various top colleges around the world offer a Global MBA but how do you decide upon the best option. You can choose to study in the U.S.A. or U.K. or even Germany as each country offers excellent education. While they all look lucrative, you have to weigh your options as per your suitability. 

Many developed nations that offer good degrees are not cost-effective though some do fit the bill of providing robust education at an affordable cost. Germany is one such country where education is given serious consideration all the while ensuring that every student has access to suitable degrees without being burdened by high-cost. 

The country is also a leader in tech and has a thriving business hub where many start-ups are thriving. Along with new businesses that are booming in Germany, many established brands have offices in the country. There are several German brands such as Deutsche Telekom, BMW, Volkswagen and more that are globally popular. 

Studying in a foreign country includes taking into perspective the culture of the place, life index, affordability and employment options. 

Why choose Germany?

Germany has always been a popular choice for international students and a total of 416,437 students enrolled here in the winter semester of 2020-2021. Along with offering various degree programmes such as the Global MBA, the country also offers various other perks that are favourable for international students. 

This includes getting to work part-time for a total of 120 days or 240 half days. You can also work as a student assistant at your university for a longer period. For those who are looking for financial support, Germany also offers scholarships to its foreign students. Overall the country has a vibrant culture with a diverse crowd making it a conducive place for all foreign students.